Section policies



These are research reviews that discuss a topic, discipline, area of Botany or developmental trend, which include an analytical, critical, and interpretative approach on a specific topic. Its acceptance will be evaluated by the Review Editor, Dr. Arturo de Nova Vázquez


This section incorporates original and unpublished research that presents results on the taxonomic problems of a group, delimitation or segregation of species, and topics related to phylogenetics, classification of taxa, descriptions of new species, and instances in which morphological and molecular evidence is used to infer relationships within a clade. Floristic treatments with approaches to the taxonomic analysis of its component taxa are also accepted in this section


This section incorporates original and unpublished research in which the main focus is the analysis, isolation, purification, or clarification of a chemical molecule-structure and the characterization of its biological activity in plants


This section incorporates original and unpublished research in which the main focus concerns the units of information on the hereditary characteristics of plants and their transfer from generation to generation, form, number, characterization, coding, chromosomes, genes, and the proteins associated with the transmission process of genetic information in plants


This section publishes research on biological interactions, the environment, populations, communities, and ecosystems, as well as paleoecology, ecophysiology, and ecosystem processes


This section includes research on plant-society interactions, including archaeobotany, ethnobotany, ethnoecology, ethnomedicine, as well as the history of ethnobotanical knowledge in different cultures


This section includes original and unpublished studies on metabolic processes (e.g., photosynthesis, respiration, plant nutrition, hormones, tropisms, photoperiods, photomorphogenesis, circadian rhythms, germination, and dormancy)


This section includes original and unpublished studies that address aspects of the functional recovery of ecosystems, species or populations, including the analysis of eutrophication, erosion, contamination, composition and production of plant communities, and use of natural resources


This section contains original and unpublished results on the structure and form of the plants, including histology, morphology, and ultrastructure, in which patterns are described, analyzed, and interpreted within taxa in order to understand their unity or diversity, as well as to elucidate phylogenetic relationships


This section incorporates original and unpublished studies on phylogeny, evolution, and plant biodiversity



This section includes biographical information about the life and academic botanical achievements of deceased researchers


In this section short informative papers are presented that review an important work recently published in Botany. They must contain a summary of the characteristics, concepts, proposals and arguments of the work, as well as the point of view of the reviewer


This section includes only comments from the Editor or others at the invitation of the Editor. They are short communications used by the editor to discuss topics with his readers about the contents in which he is working


This section contains original and unpublished results dealing with terrestrial palynomorphs to terrestrial plant fossils of all groups. Topics include paleoenvironmental reconstructions, vegetation history, systematics, paleobiology, paleoecology and evolution primarily from the Americas and the world.


Included here are argumentative opinions from the personal point of view of the author(s) on a current topic in Botany as well as methodological proposals.