Encyclia naranjapatensis Dodson (Orchidaceae), a new record for the Peruvian flora

keywords: Ayabaca, Laeliinae, floristic novelty, Piura, Sicchez


Background: Encyclia, is a genus with more than 200 species in the Neotropics, eight of which have been previously reported from Peru. During the evaluation of the orchid flora in the forests of the Sicchez district, a small population of an Encyclia species was found that could not be unequivocally matched to any previously known species in the country.

Questions: Will the recent explorations of Northern Peru result in the reporting of new taxa for the country?

Studied species: Orchidaceae, Laeliinae, Encyclia Hook, Encyclia naranjapatensis Dodson

Study site and dates: Sicchez District, Ayabaca Province, Piura Department, Peru, 2022-2023.

Methods: Specimens were collected and determined by consulting botanical collections available online, taxonomic treatments, checklists, and specialized literature. The conservation status was assessed according to IUCN methodology.

Results: We report a novelty for Peru, Encyclia naranjapatensis, and an updated description including morphological information on relevant structures that will be used to diagnose this entity. In addition, E. naranjapatensis is part of a basal clade referred to as the E. diurna species group. The conservation status assessment results in Endangered and the species is linked to the Seasonally Dry Tropical Forest, an endangered ecosystem throughout the Neotropics.

Conclusions: The recent entity located in Peru correspond to Encyclia naranjapatensis. This discovery allows us to investigate the geographical limits, discuss the phylogenetic and ecological affinities, update the original description, and evaluate its conservation status.


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<em>Encyclia naranjapatensis</em> Dodson (Orchidaceae), a new record for the Peruvian flora


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