Chondrophycus anabeliae and Laurencia digitata (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta) are recorded for the first time for Venezuela expanding their geographic distributions beyond the type localities

keywords: COI-5P, phylogeny, rbcL, Rhodomelaceae, taxonomy


Background: Over the course of approximately 12 years, the species of the Laurencia complex have been systematically studied in the tropical and subtropical Atlantic Ocean, showing high diversity (48 species), which has been underestimated for the coast of Venezuela.

Questions: What is the species diversity of the Laurencia complex in Venezuela?

Studied species: Chondrophycus anabeliae, Laurencia digitata.

Study site and dates: Cayo Muerto, Parque Nacional Morrocoy, Estado Falcón, Venezuela, 2015.

Methods: For molecular studies, the plastid rbcL gene and the mitochondrial DNA barcode marker COI-5P were used, combined with the study of current morpho-anatomical characters used for the identification of the species of the complex.

Results: The occurrence of Chondrophycus, as currently circumscribed, was confirmed for the first time for Venezuela. Chondrophycus anabeliae and Laurencia digitata are reported for the first time beyond the type localities. Tetrasporophytes are described for the first time for L. digitata.

Conclusions: Our findings expand the geographic distribution of Ch. anabeliae and L. digitata for the Venezuelan Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean, respectively.


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<em>Chondrophycus anabeliae</em> and <em>Laurencia digitata</em> (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta) are recorded for the first time for Venezuela expanding their geographic distributions beyond the type localities


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