Chromosomal studies in Lycium (Solanaceae) from North America

  • Fernando Chiang Departamento de Botánica, Instituto de Biología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México


The results of chromosomal studies reported for species of Lycium of the world are presented. Meiotic chromosome numbers were determined from pollen mother-cell squashes of North American taxa of Lycium. In a single case, a mitotic chromosome number was determined from the radicle of a germinating seed. The taxa studied were: L. andersonii Gray var. andersonii, L. andersonii var. deserticola (C. L. Hitchc.) Jepson, L. andersonii var. pubescens S. Wats., L. andersonii var. wrightii A. Gray, L. berlandieri Dun. var. berlandieri, L. berlandieri var. parviflorum (Gray) Terrac., L. berlandieri var. peninsulare ( Brandeg.) C. L. Hitchc., L. brevipes Benth. var. brevipes, L. californicum Nutt. ex Gray var. californicum, L. californicum var. Arizonicum A. Gray, L. cal.ifornicum var. interior Chiang, L. carolinianum var. Quadrifidum ( Moc. & Sessé ex Dun. ) C. L. Hitchc., L. cooperi A. Gray, L. macrodon A. Gray var. macrodon, L. nodosum var. isthmense ( Chiang) Chiang, L. pallidum Miers var. pallidum, L. parishii A. Gray var. parishii, L. parishii var. modest1tm ( I. M. Johnst.) Chiang, L. puberulum var. berberidoides ( Correll) Chiang, and L. torreyi A. Gray. Chromosome numbers of n = 12, 24, 48, 60, and 2n = 24 were found. It is concluded rhat x = 12 is the base chromosome number for Lycium. The origin of n = 18, previously reported, is discussed.


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Chromosomal studies in Lycium (Solanaceae) from North America
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Chiang, F. (1982). Chromosomal studies in Lycium (Solanaceae) from North America. Botanical Sciences, (43), 9 - 23.