Processing Fee

Botanical Sciences does not require a subscription fee for reading or downloading articles. However, the Sociedad Botánica de México A.C. requires a publication fee to cover part of the editorial processing and publication. If any of the authors is an active member of the Sociedad Botánica de México, the fee is 5,000 MXN pesos (300 dollars). If authors are not members, the fee is 8000 MXN pesos (475 dollars). Fees will be updated if currency exchange rates vary substantially.

The Statutes of our Society indicate that “active” members are those who have paid their membership fees for three consecutive years, including the year of publication. If membres have lost their active status due to the interruption of their annual payments, they can obtain active status retroactively by updating the membership fees for the last three years (or less, if applicable).

If you have any trouble making your payment, please contact the editor in chief: