About editorial team

Functions of the editorial team

Responsible for disseminating the objectives, policies of the journal for publication, financing, and communication.
Coordinate Botanical Sciences, including the work team. Convene work meetings (ordinary or extraordinary) of the different groups that form part of the journal. Communicate to all involved the academic-administrative provisions that pertain to the journal.

Evaluate the fulfillment of each of the actions that achieve the quality of the journal focus and scope
Delegate activities and duties to the work team. Execute the administrative provisions necessary for the proper functioning of the journal. Perform the necessary administrative procedures to obtain the resources for the edition of the journal. Carry out the legal procedures for the registration of the journal in the national and international fields related to publications in ​​Biological Sciences area. Propose suggestions to the collegiate groups that participate in the editing process of the journal. Evaluate the fulfillment of the established goals and the compliance with the policies of printing, diffusion, distribution and compilation of the journal. Verify the integration of the archives, correspondence, and historical and legal documentation of the journal.
Receive manuscripts through the OJS system and serve as the first filter for acceptance to review. Perform plagiarism control using specialized software. Assign the Associated editor
, national or international, to review the contributions and follow up on the opinions in due time and form.
Inform the authors of the manuscripts their acceptance or rejection.

Associated Editors
Academics who assist the Editor-in-Chief in the organization and control of the editorial process, in a timely manner and thus ensuring editorial quality.

Review the manuscripts, suggest the updates and/or modifications needed according to the approach and scope of the journal and the instructions for authors focus and scope
Select reviewers based on their professional experience and their field of work.
Maintain communication with the reviewers and send them the request for review, as well as allow access to the online manuscript and evaluation format.
Be attentive to the review process: acceptance of the review request and compliance with the submission of the review in the established time; look for solutions in case of irregularities or non-compliance or rejection by the reviewers (select new reviewer and/or send reminders about the time of delivery of the review); review the evaluations of the reviewers, identifying similarities, differences and inconsistencies between the judgments of both reviewers or deficiencies on some aspect, collating with the submitted manuscript; if necessary, they must request the opinion of a third reviewer.
Integrate the evaluations, comments, and opinions of the reviewers and send them to the Editor-in-Chief, who establishes communication with the author and continues with the editorial process.

Editorial Manager
Serve as the connecting link between the Editor-in-Chief and the members of the editorial team, and also be a manager to undertake actions that favor the scope of the journal's objectives. Their responsibility is to support the Editor-in-Chief in planning, coordinating, implementing, and monitoring the activities of the editorial process, as well as those linked to the visibility of the journal, such as developing content for social media.

Supervise the progress of the journal in each of its editions. Give suggestions to improve the journal in continuous communication with the Editor-in-Chief.
Represent the Editor-in-Chief in his/her absence, for all matters related to the journal.
Verify the editorial process of the journal.
Check the final composition of each issue of the journal.
Advise the authors, who request it, about the format and methodologies of the manuscripts submitted to the journal.
Support the Associate editors in the control of times and reminders or doubts about the use of the platform.
Conduct the collation of citations and references, as well as their compliance with the specific format of Botanical Sciences.
Collate and/or assign DOIs to the bibliographic references of the manuscripts.

Editorial assistant
Assist the Editor-in-Chief with the follow-up to the editorial process just prior to the preparation of the articles, maintain communication with the authors for final revisions, review the final style corrections before sending to the layout designer and performs the review of fine tests. Record the metadata in CrossRef and publish the new issues on the website of the journal.

Layout designer
The activities include preparing files for final publication, preparing the Word files and marking XML-Jats for SciELO, deforigning and elaborating the cover for the website and for social networks, designing the interior and text design.

The editorial team of Botanical Sciences acknowledges the help of Dr. Victor W. Steinmann (Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro) and Dr. Heike Vibrans (Colegio de Postgraduados) in reviewing and translating of the contents of the website (www.botanicalsciences.com.mx).

Editorial process Flowchart