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No 48 (1988) Water contents of wood tropical deciduous forest species during the dry season Abstract   PDF (Español)
Ernst Detlef Schulze, Harold A. Mooney, Stephen H. Bullock, Ana Mendoza
No 65 (1999) Water sources used by desert plants and their importance in management plans and ecological restoration Abstract   PDF (Español)
Francisco A. Squeo, Nancy Olivares, Alejandra Valenzuela, Alberto Pollastri, Evelyn Aguirre, Ramón Aravena, Carmen Jorquera, James R. Ehleringer
No 65 (1999) Wealthand stability of pollinators of candles Sonoran Desert: A comparative analysis Abstract   PDF (Español)
Gary Paul Nabhan, Jim Donovan, Stephen Buchmann, Alberto Búrquez
Vol 94, No 2 (2016): Abril - Junio What is Ceratozamia mexicana (Zamiaceae)? Abstract   PDF   XML
Andrew P. Vovides, Dennis Wm. Stevenson, Miguel Angel Pérez-Farrera, Sergio López, Sergio Avendaño
No 75 (2004) What we know about the rarity of plant species? Agenetic-demographic approach Abstract   PDF (Español)
Ligia Guadalupe Esparza-Olguín
Vol 95, No 2 (2017): April -June Wild Vanilla planifolia and its relatives in the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula: Systematic analyses with ISSR and ITS Abstract   PDF   XML (Español)
Sara Villanueva-Viramontes, Mariana Hernández-Apolinar, Germán Carnevali Fernández-Concha, Alfredo Dorantes-Euán, Gabriel R. Dzib, Jaime Martínez Castillo
No 62 (1998) Wild relatives of Chile (Capsicum spp.) as genetic resources Abstract   PDF (Español)
Sergio Hernández-Verdugo, Ramón G. Guevara-González, Rafael F. Rivera-Bustamante, Carlos Vázquez-Yanes, Ken Oyama
No 64 (1999) Wood anatomy of Anacardiaceae with emphasis on American Abstract   PDF (Español)
Teresa Terrazas
No 77 (2005) Wood anatomy of arbóteas species of a cloud forest: an ecological - evolutionary approach Abstract   PDF (Español)
Silvia Aguilar-Rodríguez, Josefina Barajas-Morales
No 58 (1996) Wood anatomy of eight species of Angiosperms of temperate clímate Abstract   PDF (Español)
Alejandra Quintanar, Carmen de la Paz Pérez-Olvera, Isabel de la Cruz-Laina, Daría Razo-Balcazar
No 53 (1993) Wood anatomy of five species from Quintana Roo, Mexico Abstract   PDF (Español)
Silvia Rebollar, Carmen de la Paz-Pérez Olvera, Alejandra Quintanar
No 50 (1990) Wood anatomy of Mimosa (Leguminosae) Abstract   PDF (Español)
Teresa Chehaibar, Rosaura Grether
No 76 (2005) Wood anatomy of the Mexican species of Salvia section Erythrostachys EPL . ( Lamiaceae ) Abstract   PDF (Español)
Jacqueline Ceja-Romero, Carmen de la Paz Pérez-Olvera, Jesús Rivera-Tapia
No 51 (1991) Wood identification of several Olmec sculptures Abstract   PDF (Español)
Josefina Barajas-Morales
Vol 95, No 4 (2017): October - December Words from the new editor Abstract   PDF   XML
Salvador Arias
Vol 88 (2011): January - June XVIII Congreso Mexicano de Botánica, Certamen de Tesis de temas botánicos Abstract   PDF (Español)
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