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No 70 (2002) A new evolutionary synthesis: the return of competition and adaptation Abstract   PDF (Español)
Luis E. Eguiarte, Juan Núñez-Farfán
No 46 (1984) A new genus from southern Mexico: Gypsacanthus (Acanthaceae, Justicieae, Odontoneminae) Abstract   PDF (Español)
Emily J. Lott, Víctor Jaramillo-L., Jerzy Rzedowski
No 57 (1995) A new locality for the Lacandoniaceae family and new records for Montes Azules reserve Abstract   PDF (Español)
Alberto Reyes-García, Mario Sousa-S.
Vol 90, No 3 (2012): July - September A new species of Biophytum (Oxalidaceae) from Southern Mexico Abstract   PDF (Español)
Vol 91, No 2 (2013): April - June A new species of Deiregyne (Orchidaceae: Spiranthinae) from Hidalgo, Mexico Abstract   PDF (Español)
Gerardo A. Salazar, Alfonsina Hernández-Cardona, Rolando Jiménez-Machorro
No 41 (1981) A new species of Casimiroa (Rutaceae) from the Oaxaqueño-Poblana arid zone Abstract   PDF (Español)
Fernando Chiang, Francisco González-Medrano
No 43 (1982) A new species of Decazyx (Rutaceae) from Tabasco and Veracruz Abstract   PDF (Español)
Fernando Chiang
Vol 93, No 2 (2015): April - June A new species of Loeselia (Polemoniaceae) from Campeche, Mexico Abstract   PDF (Español)
Celso Gutiérrez-Báez, Rodrigo Duno de Stefano
No 46 (1984) A new species of Scutellaria (Labiatae) from Hidalgo, Mexico Abstract   PDF (Español)
Patricia Hiriart-Valencia
No 46 (1984) A new species of Stegnosperma (Phytolaccaceae) from southwestern Puebla, Mexico Abstract   PDF (Español)
Francisco González-Medrano, Rosalinda Medina-Lemos
Vol 92, No 1 (2014): January - March A new species of Stenanona (Annonaceae) endemic to Chiapas, Mexico Abstract   PDF
Andrés Ernesto Ortiz-Rodríguez, George E. Schatz, Yuyini Licona-Vera, Eduardo Ruíz-Sánchez
No 41 (1981) A new species of Tauschia (Umbelliferae) from the State of Mexico Abstract   PDF (Español)
Graciela Calderón de Rzedowski, Lincoln Constance
No 82 (2008) A new species of Tillandsia (Bromeliaceae) de Guerrero, Mexico Abstract   PDF (Español)
María Flores-Cruz, María Valentina Diego-Escobar
No 54 (1994) A note on pollen grains of Sechium chinantlense Lira & Torres (Cucurbitaceae) Abstract   PDF (Español)
Rafael Lira-Saade, José Luis Alvarado, Javier Castrejón
No 29 (1965) A preliminary ecological study of the Alpine flora of Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl Abstract   PDF (Español)
John H. Beaman
No 72 (2003) A preliminary study of the taxane chemistry and natural history of the Mexican yew, Taxus globosa Schltdl. Abstract   PDF (Español)
Melvin J. Shemluck, Eduardo Estrada, Robert Nicholson, Susan W. Brobst
Vol 91, No 1 (2013): January - March A regionalization of the Transmexican Volcanic Belt based on its floristic richness Abstract   PDF (Español)
Mario E. Suárez-Mota, Oswaldo Téllez-Valdés, Rafael Lira-Saade
No 68 (2001) A remarkable new species of Pinguicula (Lentibularianceae) of the states of Queretaro and San Luis Potosi, Mexico Abstract   PDF (Español)
Sergio Zamudio-Ruiz
Vol 95, No 2 (2017): April -June A review of Bulbinella (Asphodelaceae): distribution, conservation status, and economic importance Abstract   PDF   XML
Collen Musara, Paula Spies, Johanne J. Spies, Brita Stedje
Vol 92, No 1 (2014): January - March A Review of the Effect of Relaxed Clock Method, Long Branches, Genes, and Calibrations in the Estimation of Angiosperm Age Abstract   PDF
Susana Magallón
No 43 (1982) A simple dispositive for the measurement of the hardness of leaves in studies of herbivory Abstract   PDF (Español)
Rodolfo Dirzo, Adrián Fernández-Bremauntz, Gabriela Gómez-Rodríguez, Verónica González-Kladiano
Vol 91, No 2 (2013): April - June A simple method for the isolation of lycopene from Lycopersicon esculentum Abstract   PDF (Español)
Roh Myong-Kyun, Jeon Min-Hee, Moon Jin-Nam, Moon Woi-Sook, Park Sun-Mee, Choi Jae-Suk
No 43 (1982) A study of the polen of Phaseolus chiapasanus Piper (Leguminosae, Phaseolinae) Abstract   PDF (Español)
Alfonso Delgado-Salinas, Enrique Martínez-Hernández, Pilar Fernández-Ortuño
No 6 (1948) A través de la Sierra Madre Occidental Abstract   PDF (Español)
Ladislao Paray
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