Palynological Studies of the Genus Convolvulus L. (Convolvulaceae) from Turkey

  • Mehmet Tekin
  • Gulden Yilmaz
Keywords: Convolvulus, Convolvulaceae, pollen morphology, Turkey


Pollen morphology of six taxa of the genus Convolvulus (Convolvulus assyricus , C. betonicifolius subsp. betonicifolius, C. cataonicus, C. galaticus, C. lineatus, and C. pseudoscammoni, provided by Cumhuriyet University, Faculty of Science Herbarium (CUFH) (Sivas-Turkey) were investigated. Three of these taxa, C. assyricus, C. cataonicus,  and C. pseudoscammonia, are endemic to Turkey. Pollen grains were prepared by the method of Wodehouse and evaluated mainly for four diagnostic characteristics: pollen type, pollen shape, apertureties, and ornamentation. Following the measurements and observations, pollen grains were photographed under an optical and a scanning electron microscope. The pollen grains of the examined taxa are all 3-zonocolpate. The pollen shape is oblate, suboblate, oblate spheroidal or prolate spheroidal. The nexine is thinner than the sexine or equal, and the tectum is reticulated and rarely or densely perforated in all species except C. pseudoscammonia. Colpus borders and tapering ends are distinct and the colpus area is gemmate and granulate in all examined species


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Palynological Studies of the Genus <em>Convolvulus</em> L. (Convolvulaceae) from Turkey
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Tekin, M., & Yilmaz, G. (2016). Palynological Studies of the Genus <em>Convolvulus</em&gt; L. (Convolvulaceae) from Turkey. Botanical Sciences, 94(3), 543-549.