Composición y abundancia de las pteridofitas en el bosque mesófilo de montaña del municipio de Tlanchinol, Hidalgo, México


Erika Álvarez-Zúñiga, Arturo Sánchez-González, Lauro López-Mata, José Daniel Teje ro-Díez


The knowledge on the species richness and distribution of Pteridophytes in the state of Hidalgo is scarce, so that the objective of this research was to carry out an inventory of Pteridophytes to get insights on its patterns of abundance and substrates of growth in the cloud forest of Tlanchinol, Hidalgo. The floristic study was based on an exhaustive field recollection of specimens from 30 localities as well as vouchers review at ENCB, FCME, HGOM, IZTA, MEXU, and XAL herbaria. Species abundances were estimated from sampling of 24 plots 400 m2 each. In total 21 families, 53 genera, 130 species, and ten varieties were identified. The inventory completeness ranged from 73.4 to 87%, after Clench and ACE estimators, respectively. Only 19% of the species had abundances greater than five individuals /400 m2. Most species have a terrestrial life form, growing on forest floor (58.1%) or are epiphytes (25.5%). Twelve species are new records for the state of Hidalgo and five species are under protection by the Mexican Official Norm NOM-059-SEMARNAT-2010.


ferns; lycophytes; mountain forest; species richness

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