Inventario actualizado de las especies mexicanas de la familia Campanulaceae

  • Jerzy Rzedowski Instituto de Ecología, A.C. - Patzcuaro
Keywords: Campanulaceae, geographic distribution, Mexico, taxonomic resolution


Background: The Campanulaceae are a medium size family of flowering plants in the Dicotyledons, which is well represented in most of Mexico.

Question: ¿How advanced is the knowledge of the diversity, adequate taxonomic resolution and geographical distribution of a group of vascular plants of lesser economic and ecological relevance?

Studied taxa: Members of the family Campanulaceae Juss.

Studied site: Territory of the Republic of Mexico.

Methods: The revision of herbarium specimens with the aid of information found in literature and internet allowed the integration of a catalogue of known members of the family and of their updated names. The obtained list was then subjected to a brief quantitave and phytogeographic analysis.

Results: A list of 117 at least tentatively accepted species is provided together with data on known geographical distribution and brief additional information for each one. The state of Oaxaca proved to be the best represented area with 38 species, eight of which, as well as one genus (Wimmeranthus), are endemic to the state territory.

Conclusions: The study shows that the inclusive knowledge of the group still requires the discovery and description of a significant number of species, as well as a particular effort to clarify the correct taxonomic situation of several members of the family.


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Inventario actualizado de las especies mexicanas de la familia Campanulaceae


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